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I'm a Ph.D. Candidate at UC San Diego's political science department, and 2024 IGCC Dissertation Fellow with the UC Institute of Global Conflict and Cooperation. My research interests lie at the intersection of international relations and forced migration. In my dissertation, I analyze the emergence of security cooperation on migration between democratic and non-democratic states amid domestic polarization. By incorporating newly collected data on cooperation arrangements on migration (CAMs), I examine foreign policy co-optation driven by right-wing populist parties in Western democracies. In other projects, I investigate the characteristics, prevalence, and outcomes of such arrangements. I am generally interested in democratic erosion, populist-driven foreign policy, and dangerous co-dependencies among states. 
I hold a B.S. in Political Science: Data Analytics and an M.A. in Political Science from UC San Diego. I'm a member of UC San Diego's REP Lab, a recipient of the San Diego and Cota Robles Fellowship, and a Junior Scholar at the Carnegie International Policy Scholar Consortium and Network (IPSCON). In my free time, I enjoy drawing, watching movies, and discovering new music.


As a first-gen immigrant and college student, my research has led me to work with non-profits, travel across the United States to help resettle refugees, and be part in academic organizations for the advancement of people like myself. Being formerly undocumented further increased my awareness of the plight of forced migrants across the United States and beyond.


My research seeks to bridge the gap between migration circles and international relations to further demonstrate the importance of forced migrants in the international arena, and how extremist political cleavages, institutional intervention, and shared security concerns can affect such interactions.

M.A. in Political Science

UC San Diego

B.S. in Political Science: Data Analytics

UC San Diego

A.A. in Political Science

Southwestern College

Contact Information

Email: jrojasve[at]

Twitter: @RojasVenzor

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